Thursday, October 9, 2008

The last few weeks of fun!

A few weeks ago I went with my mom and my friend Allison to Apple Annie's, an orchard in Wilcox, about an hour or so south of Tucson. In years past they have had a great selection of apples to pick, but this year wasn't so great. We didn't end up taking any apples home, but we had fun helping Allison pick hers, and bought some yummy apple bread and pie to take home for our family. Aidan really enjoyed himself, and it gave me a sense of home, since every year while I was growing up, my parents took me apple picking. Hopefully next year they will have a better season.

Emma wasn't so good at picking them, but she enjoyed eating them. That is my mother Sally, holding her.
On September 26th we celebrated Matthew's 29th birthday (yup, that's right, my husband is two years younger than me) by decorating his office and surprising him with a new monitor for his computer, something he has wanted for a very long time.
I bought Emma these sunglasses because I thought they were so adorable...she seems to agree because she NEVER takes them off. She wears them around the house for hours at a time and when you try to take them off of her, she throws a fit. My little diva in training!


Robyn said...

How fun! I love the sunglasses picture...Emma's getting so big and so cute!

celeste said...

i didn't know you went apple picking! how fun. after today you can add some pictures of your cute kids eating chocolate filled doughnuts =D