Saturday, January 26, 2008

My little mischief maker

The old adage that you can't take your eyes off of your kids for a second is SO true! Last Sunday, we got home from church rather late, because Matthew had meetings, so everything else, i.e. dinner, bath time, and bed time were all pushed back a bit. I was scrambling around to get Emma fed and wasn't paying attention to Aidan, assuming he was somewhere in the house with Matthew. Well Matthew must have thought the same thing, because both of us came running when we heard a scream come from the kids bathroom. When we got there, Aidan was standing in the tub, still in his church clothes, with the shower on. He's apparently learned how to turn it on, but not how to change the water temperature because he was standing in a FREEZING cold shower. And as any good parents would, we grabbed the camera and made him stand in the water a bit longer til we could get these shots... The water was so heavy, it made his pants fall down. The things this kid does, at his age, just amaze me. It's such a funny kid, even when he doesn't mean to be and this is just a small example of the mischief he gets into on a daily basis. But, he's our Aidan and we wouldn't trade him for the anything. On a happier note, he and Emma took their first shared bath together the other night. We were a little worried about how it would go, since Aidan's favorite past time is pounding on his sister, but he actually surprised us and was nice and gentle with her. They played in the water together for about 20 minutes and had a ball! Aidan even helped wash Emma's back, it was so sweet. It's moments like these that I relish in the joy of being a parent.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

It came on fast

I have NEVER had anything hit me so hard and fast as the flu did two days ago. I was fine in the morning, and by afternoon I thought I was dying. Aidan got it next, and then Matthew, although he mostly just had aches and pains. I will spare everyone the gory details, it's enough to say that it was gory. So far Emma hasn't come down with anything, I am hoping that the flu shot she got at the beginning of January does it's job and keeps her healthy. But, odds are she'll get it too. We had JUST gotten over our previous illnesses when the flu bug hit us. Hopefully February will be a healthier month for us. No pictures this post, no one is in a very photogenic mood.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Rare Moment

Usually if Emma is on floor, Aidan can't wait to pile drive her. So, when I looked over at the two of them playing nicely together on the floor, I ran for the camera. Granted, it didn't last long, but I was able snap a few sweet moments before it ended. I still hope to get into a routine that will allow me to blog more than once a week, but at the moment Sunday mornings are the only free time I have. Our week started off with both of the kids, and myself, suffering from bronchitis. Aidan also had a double ear infection. We have been on antibiotics all week and are all doing much better. Emma also had her cardiologist appointment on Thursday and although she does have a heart murmur, the doctor said it is a very minimal one and should resolve itself in time. Emma was so good. She didn't cry once, which is amazing for her, since she hates the doctor's office, having been there so much in her seven short months. She had an electrocardiogram, and an ultrasound and the doctor said her heart looked perfect. Now if we can just get her lungs to behave themselves, we'll be all set.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

A lot can happen in a week

I had hoped to update this blog a few times by now, but here I am a week later just getting to it. Such is the life of a mom with two small kids. I seem to only have time on Sunday mornings when Matthew takes care of the kids for me so I can get a break, work on my blog, and catch up on my email. Church for us is now at 2:00 pm so I have more time in the mornings than I used to. Well, it's been a busy week for the Carpenters. On Tuesday Aidan was playing in his closet, in his laundry hamper of all places, and when he tried to get out, BOOM--he smacked his head right on the corner of his closet. The result was a screaming two year old, and a gigantic bulging bruise on his forehead. Matthew, who is the eldest of six children, didn't think anything of it, having seen worse with his siblings. I, on the other hand, freaked out and called our pediatrician, who said just to be safe we should take him to the ER. Matthew rolled his eyes, but said nothing and we took Aidan to the pediatric ER at Tucson Medical Center. We had a long wait (surprise, surprise) and then were told, as Matthew told me we would be, that he just had a bad bruise and would be fine. The picture doesn't do the bruise justice, but here is what my little guy looked like:
But if that wasn't bad enough, as soon as we got home, he fell again, and hit his eye on his bed frame--he was playing with daddy and was running and tripped on something, most likely his feet, and WHAM, right into the corner of the metal bed frame. I felt awful. AND THEN, to add to his collection, I was unloading groceries from the trunk, and didn't know he was right next to me, and closed the trunk door on his hand. My poor, poor baby. It was a rough day for Aidan.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful until yesterday where we marathon painted, finishing up our hallway and Sadie's dog house.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ringing in the New Year

The holidays are finally over, I can sigh with relief! As much as I love Christmas, it is never a very relaxing or stress free time. Between shopping, wrapping, cooking, and family parties, there is not much time to kick back and relax. But, nonetheless, this past holiday season was a wonderful one, and I can't complain--we were very blessed in 2007. New Year's Eve and New Year's day were much more laid back and fun for me. On the 31st we went to my in-laws for pizza and games. We didn't quite make it til midnight. We are very used to our 10:00 o'clock bed time and that is about the time we headed home. I was still awake when the ball dropped at midnight, and when I turned to get my New Years Eve kiss, Matthew was sound asleep already drooling on the pillow. Oh, well. On the 1st we went back the in-laws to drop off the kids and actually saw a movie in the movie theater. A rare treat for us. We saw National Treasure: Book of Secrets, and although it was very good, the first one was better. After the movie we stayed at the Carpenters' and played more games and ate the most wonderful, mouthwatering, homemade donuts! As you can see, Aidan was a big fan!

Later that night Grandpa, Celeste, and the boys came over to play Wii (Matthew's surprise Christmas gift) til the early morning hours. Well, not Grandpa, he left about 10-ish.

Grandpa David and Celeste "boxing" on the Wii.

I have to admit the Wii is pretty fun. I am not huge fan of video games, but at least with the Wii around, no one is interested in Halo 2 anymore, and that is always a good thing!