Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Donuts and Milkshakes with Aunt Celeste

Matthew's baby sister Celeste has come over a few times recently to help us watch the kids while we do projects around the house. On two of her visits, the kids got special treats. Oreo milkshakes made by Daddy, and homemade chocolate filled donuts that Celeste made all by herself here at our house.

Emma after her milkshake...she's actually smiling a REAL smile!
Matthew sampling the chocolate donuts...
Aidan eating his donut with a very serious look on his face...it's tough work snacking on sweets!
Emma sampling the frosting before we put it in the donuts...notice my concrete kitchen floor. I am STILL waiting for it to be finished. Matthew's deadline is now set for November 15th. Aidan's birthday party will be on the 21st and so everything needs to be completed. We'll see what happens!

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