Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Here's what's been happening at the Carpenter's in the last few weeks....

Emma ate a WHOLE ear of corn all by herself, and loved it, I might add! We're still working on getting her to keep her eyes open when we say "smile"
A favorite activity of both of my children is to each get a baby wipe and proceed to "clean" something. It is one of the only things they will do together peacefully, and it keeps them busy for quite a while. This particular picture captures them cleaning the rocking chair in Emma's room before bed time.
My little causalities. Emma was outside while Daddy was pulling weeds, and although I suspect Aidan was involved, was told only that she fell. Her binky was in her mouth luckily, otherwise, the injury would have been worse. Her nose was VERY scraped up. Matthew, on the other hand, lost a wrestling match with Aidan...
My mother was babysitting and let Emma "paint." Of course more got on her than the paper!
What do you do when it's STILL not cool enough to go outside very often? Make a cardboard train and let your son drag it all over the house!

Monday, August 4, 2008


My friend Annie tagged me to show my life as it really is, by taking pictures of my kids, oldest to youngest, my favorite shoes, my closet, fridge (outside and in), and my favorite room in the house. The only rule was that I had to take the pictures as soon as I was tagged so that I was being true to how things "typically" look around here. So, here it is....

My kids oldest to youngest

Aidan playing with blocks before bed. He is 2 1/2
Emma, riding her "horsey" she is 13 months. This is her "smiling"

My favorite pair of shoes

Right now flip flops are all that I wear, being pregnant they are the most comfortable, and it's stinkin' hot here right now. These are the ones I wear all the time.

My Fridge

Outside of the fridge is kind of chaotic with things I need to remember, and everything has to be up high or the kids pull it down.
Luckily I got tagged the day I went grocery shopping so the fridge is well stocked. The grape soda on the top shelf is a pregnancy craving that I have had with all three!

My Closet

I took a picture of my half...next house we buy will need to have bigger closets :)

My favorite room in the house

This is our "formal" living room. It's my favorite because it's always clean. I don't let the kids play in there, so that if we have company or surprise visits, we are prepared with at least ONE tidy place to entertain. I also like to sit and read in here.
This is what our house usually looks like. This is the family room and where the kids play most of the time, although their rooms are play areas as well.

I guess I need to pass the tag along, so I tag Kori and Robyn! The rules are listed above. And remember, no cheating and cleaning up, take the pictures ASAP as things usually are!