Thursday, April 24, 2008

Where did my sweet boy go?

I look back on pictures of Aidan when he was first born and I can't believe that the peaceful, tiny, helpless, baby in the pictures is the same rambunctious, loud, out of control, child of today. I swear I can't take my eyes off of him for a second! And he does things that I can't believe a 2 1/2 year old can come up with! From trying to put Emma in the dishwasher (because she's dirty) to dragging a chair into our laundry room to get the car keys, then unlocking the door to the garage and then opening the van door, climbing in and trying to start the joke--he's diabolical. He also emptied out his toy box, laid it on it's side, rolled Emma into it, and then preceded to put all the toys back. When I asked him what on earth he thought he was doing, he said "all done play with Emma, put back." Where does he get this stuff?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Starting Early

Aidan's latest phase of irritating behavior has been spitting. Today, while he was eating his breakfast, he thought it would be fun to spit his milk all over the floor. I asked him to stop and told him that if he did it again that he would go to time out. He promptly made a face at me and said, "whatever." Matthew, who was behind him as he said this, starting laughing under his breathe. I was dumbfounded. "Excuse me?" I said, and he replied, again, with the same face of defiance, "whatever, Mommy." If this is how he is at 2 years and 5 months old, we are in for trouble when he turns 16! He does however, have his sweet moments. We had a painter come over to give us an estimate on repainting our house, and before he left Aidan ran up to him and said "hug first" and gave him a big hug as he was leaving. It was pretty adorable. Of course, immediately afterwards he ran as fast as could from the living room to the family room and body slammed Emma...he's a handful, alright, that son of mine!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Under Construction

I've decided to change the layout on my blog and I still need to fix and tweek a few things, so please bear with me until it's completed.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


We recently decided it was time to upgrade to a van. Our Corolla was big enough for us all, but everything was a tight fight and family vacations with that car were out of the question. So, we looked around and found a great deal on a Honda Odyssey. I think Aidan has been the most excited about the purchase. He is constantly asking if we need to go anywhere so he can ride in the van.

Emma officially hates spagetti-o's. I was feeding Aidan some spagetti-o's this week for lunch and decided to grind some up for Emma. She usually loves whatever I give her, and I didn't think it would be any different this time. I was wrong. This is her eating spagetti-o's.

We have also seen some progress in our garden. The squash, radishes, onions, and peas have started to grow, and Matthew is very excited about it!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hipity, Hopity, the Easter Bunny came to our house!

Three weeks ago, when it was actually Easter, I tried posting this message and by the time I finished, and got all the pictures up, my computer crashed. Needless to say I was too frustrated to start over then--so it's three weeks late. Sorry. Aidan was a little underwhelmed with Easter. After finding his basket and the eggs that were left for him, he seemed rather disappointed that it was all over so quickly. He perked up however, when we told him he could eat his candy for breakfast. Not my brightest idea. I was thinking "it'll be fun, for a special treat." Now he asks for candy everyday for breakfast, even after three weeks he hasn't forgotten.

In other Carpenter news, Matthew has built his garden and planted his vegetables. We are attempting to grow tomatoes, snap beans, squash, radishes (yuck), onions, and carrots. We grew tomatoes last year and they were a success, so hopefully this year we'll be as lucky.

I want to say congratulations to my sister-in-law Amanda, whose daughter Charlotte was born on April 4th. She is beautiful and we are so happy to have her as a part of our family! This is baby number two for the happy parents. I forgot to bring my camera to the hospital to take pictures so sorry there are no photos of baby Charlotte for all to see. But she really is a gorgeous baby.