Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Holidays

It sure has been a busy week. On Sunday (12/23) we had GranMarie's Christmas party that was held in Higley Arizona, about two hours north of Tucson. A great deal of the Peterson side of the family showed up, and it was wonderful to see everyone. On Monday, Christmas Eve, we spent the evening my in-laws house. We had dinner, desert, and presents which lasted well past everyone's bed time, but all in all it was a fun time. On Christmas morning, we opened presents around 8:00 am. I actually had to wake Aidan up, because he was so tired from being at Grannyann and Grandpa's so late. I opened his door and said "Aidan, Santa came, do you want to open presents?" He half opened his eyes, and said "no mommy, but want more juice" it was hilarious. I got him more juice and let him wake up a little and a few minutes later he stumbled out into the living room and joined the festivities. Matthew and I chose to open our Christmas presents on Christmas Eve, so we could actually enjoy the gift giving process without screaming kids. It worked out really well. Christmas Eve was special for us, and then Christmas morning we could just focus on Emma and Aidan. I think until they get a little bigger and more patient we will make it a habit. Santa was very good to us, as was our family, and we have no complaints. We are very lucky, and we thank God for our blessings every day!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Zoo Lights

On Thursday the whole family got together at the Tucson Zoo for the annual Zoo Lights. Every year the Tucson Zoo decorates the whole park in Christmas lights and decorations. They have Santa Claus, hot chocolate, and snow made on site. I have to say I was very disappointed with their version of "snow". It was just bubbles. I was hoping for ice shavings or something a little more realistic, but the kids loved it and Aidan couldn't get enough of it. The only down side was that you couldn't see ANY of the animals because it was so dark. The lights were really pretty though, and it was nice for all the siblings and their kids to get together and hang out for the night. Grannyann and Grandpa Carpenter came too. All in all it was good time and I think we'll make it a yearly tradition.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Roof Over Her Head

Before I moved to Arizona I assumed the weather was warm all year round. I was wrong. The winters here can get just as cold as in Vermont, just without the snow and the wind chill factor. For the last few weeks it has been freezing (literally) at night, and our poor dog Sadie has been outside shivering. So, Matthew, who is always talking big about his carpenter skills (no pun intended), wanted to build Sadie a dog house. I didn't expect it come out as well as it did, but Matthew did a fabulous job and Sadie now has a warm place to sleep at night and shelter from the monsoons. We still have to paint the whole thing, but as you'll see from the pictures, it's not too shabby!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

An Historic Occasion

Well, I never in a million years thought this day would come...but nonetheless, here it is. I am officially blogging. I used to make fun of the people who created websites about themselves, thinking that it was a bit narcissistic and a waste of time. But now, here I am, joining the ranks of bloggers everywhere to chronicle the big and little things that happen in our lives; so that those we love who are so far away, can feel a little closer. So, with that said, let the blogging begin!