Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Month in Review

We had our traditional Saturday morning breakfast (pancakes and bacon, my favorite!) at the little table.
Olivia loving the girls new bunk beds...and her bottle. This is the longest I have let one of my children have a bottle. They are usually done with them by 18 months old, at the latest. I am getting lazy in my old age. I have 9 weeks to get her on a cup full time before the new baby comes. Wish me luck!
Matthew being artistic with his camera. I love this picture.
Aidan making faces for daddy and the camera.
We played outside a lot, when it wasn't raining.
I love this picture. Olivia is such a cheese head!
Speaking of heads, Olivia had just hit hers on the baby swing!
Parker FINALLY learned how to eat cheese without gagging/throwing up!
Olivia learned how to eat a cupcake without a fork!
This past month has been full of sickness. Poor Parker was the sickest of all of the kids. Here he is doing his breathing treatment.
Olivia enjoyed the party favors her Aunt Melanie was so nice to sent home for us! 

And Emma was around, too!! There weren't really any pictures of her for some reason. Not too much has been happening aside from the usual: school, reading club, piano lessons, gymnastics, dance class, and me growing a baby : )