Thursday, October 16, 2008


So, Aidan's new trick is to fake throw something at you, and when you flinch, he laughs hysterically. I have told him many times, on his way to time out for fake throwing, that someone will end up getting hurt and it's not a joke...well, I was right. On Tuesday afternoon, after spending four hours at the lab taking my second glucose test, Aidan fake threw a toy at me, and when I flinched, I somehow threw out my back. Matthew had to come home from work, and my mother has been with us everyday since helping with the kids. I have been in bed, with an ice pack for the last two days, catching up on my soap operas, checking my friends blogs, emailing, and taking much needed naps. Aside from the pain, it's been a nice break. However, my house is a mess, the laundry is piling up and Matthew has been having to do the dishes :) I go the the chiropractor tomorrow to get adjusted, and hopefully that will help. Just 7 more weeks and this pregnancy will hopefully be over and the big belly that adds all the extra strain to my back will not be as big (well, at least it won't be as heavy, it will still be big!)


TrishAnderson said...

I heard about your back yesterday. I feel so bad. How can I help? I am good at laundry and cleaning (you have to be with a family of 6!!)!!!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog so I could come visit yours!!!

Niki Carpenter said...

Thanks Trisha!! I will let you know if there is anything we need. I appreciate your willingness to help!

aaronandsharla said...

I forget you are pregnant all the time- probably because you have handled it so well! I can help too. Aidan can come over and play with my little guys if you want;)