Monday, October 31, 2011


Doesn't that look good? I usually use my bread maker, but since it was for our Halloween feast, I decided to go homemade. It was pretty tasty if I do say so myself!

Our main course, Ghoul-osh. Cooked in a witch's cauldron, of course!

I couldn't find a Halloween tablecloth that I liked, so I went with black and got these cute plates at Target. Where I also found this cute spider web cupcake holder.


Brotherly love!

I think this picture pretty much says it all!

Talking to Grampy Grenon who called to wish us a Happy Halloween!

Ward Halloween Party.

Mesquite's Fall Festival...

...costume contest...

Best. Costume. EVER. This kid was a Lego Star Wars character. Genius!!

Parker "being scary."

It was a great Halloween this year with so many fun activities!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011


Our plan for the second weekend in October was to be in Utah. BUT, then Emma got hit in the head, Olivia started running a fever, and we decided to call it a sign and stay home! As you can see from the above picture of Olivia's forehead, that fever turned out to be chicken pox. Something we didn't know when we decided to go to the Children's Museum. I hope no one got sick!!! We didn't know until a few days later that she was suffering from break through chicken pox, having recently gotten her vaccinations. Oops :( Anyway, since we weren't going out of town, we thought we'd still try and do something fun for/with the kids.

Lunch...Aidan was less than enthusiastic about his lunchables.

Fire-person Emma, to the rescue!

I LOVE this picture. When Aidan and Emma are actually getting along, they are seriously the best of friends!

Parker loved the trains!

Shopping with Aidan...

...pushing the cart all by herself. What a big girl!

Emma, always the cashier.

Parker, being his silly-willy self.

We timed our visit just right for the kids to get to touch the sea life. They loved it, even though Parker screamed EVERY time someone touched something. They asked him to leave after about the 5th time. :)

Electricity, baby!

Music Man!!

Art time...

...the last thing we did before heading home...

...that, and me yelling at the kids. Hey, what can I say, it's what I do best. :)

All and all it was a fun day!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


In the beginning of October, we took the second of four children to the hospital for stitches. Apparently, Aidan and Emma were taking turns throwing a piece of brick/rock from the garden wall at each other. Aidan's aim was clearly better than hers. So much for thinking they can play outside unsupervised while I make dinner...

We had already been to the ER once before when Parker needed stitches at 16 months. What a difference 4 years makes! No one passed out this time, or had to leave the room because they were crying hysterically. Emma didn't need to be held down, in fact she was super brave. I just held her hand and talked to her while the nurse put the stitches in.

Daddy being a goof ball!

Entertaining ourselves with a little Finding Nemo. Can I just say that I LOVE that the children's emergency room at TMC has TV for the kids. It makes the wait go by SO much faster!

Emma was seriously such a trooper!!! She was scared of course, but so brave and only needed me to hold her hand--no crying or freaking out. I was so proud of her.

All sewn up!! And SO ready to leave. By this point she was really getting annoyed at Matthew's picture taking :) On the way home she got a happy meal for being so good at the ER. She even shared her fries with the rest of the kids when she got home. She's a special little girl, that's for sure!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011


I know I am probably biased, but I think this little nugget is the cutest 16 month old on the planet! And, I am loving how Matthew's new camera takes pictures!