Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Here's what's been happening at the Carpenter's in the last few weeks....

Emma ate a WHOLE ear of corn all by herself, and loved it, I might add! We're still working on getting her to keep her eyes open when we say "smile"
A favorite activity of both of my children is to each get a baby wipe and proceed to "clean" something. It is one of the only things they will do together peacefully, and it keeps them busy for quite a while. This particular picture captures them cleaning the rocking chair in Emma's room before bed time.
My little causalities. Emma was outside while Daddy was pulling weeds, and although I suspect Aidan was involved, was told only that she fell. Her binky was in her mouth luckily, otherwise, the injury would have been worse. Her nose was VERY scraped up. Matthew, on the other hand, lost a wrestling match with Aidan...
My mother was babysitting and let Emma "paint." Of course more got on her than the paper!
What do you do when it's STILL not cool enough to go outside very often? Make a cardboard train and let your son drag it all over the house!


Robyn said...

That's an impressive train! Parker needs one!

aaronandsharla said...

hi- found you through kristen.
Sent you an email
Your little girl is so darling!