Sunday, July 24, 2011

First Day of School

My happy Kindergärtner!

Mom walking Aidan to his classroom.

I had Matthew take the day off because I thought I'd be confined to my bed from grief that my first born was starting school, but surprisingly enough, to both of us, I didn't cry at all. I didn't cry the second or third days either. But on the fourth day of school Aidan asked me if he could walk to his class alone. I was pretty shocked, but said yes. As I watched him from the fence it dawned on me just how grown up he is getting. I started to cry. Big fat tears, and didn't stop until long after we got home. I am so proud of how independent Aidan is becoming, even if it is hard for me to accept that he doesn't need me as much any more. He had a great first week, and really, really likes his class and his teacher. I am so grateful that he was accepted into the Vail School District and that we chose to send him to Mesquite Elementary. Even though it's only half day kindergarten (sigh) it's the best place for Aidan to start his education. I am looking forward to seeing how he changes and grows this year!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekend away

It was that time of year again, the time of year for Matthew and I to farm out our kids and take a weekend for ourselves!! We shipped Aidan and Emma off to my in-laws and my mom watched Parker and Olivia at our house. We left Friday the 15th, and after dropping Aidan and Emma off at Grammy Ann and Grandpa's, we stopped for lunch at Jason's Deli before heading out of town. We first went to Mesa to go to the LDS temple. It was a wonderful experience and a very special one as we took family names with us. We then went to visit Matthew's grandmother GranMarie, before heading to my favorite of all favorite restaurants, Cafe Rio! We stayed in Scottsdale at the Doubletree Resort, the very same place we stayed the night we were married. We have been back a few times, and like staying there for it's nostalgic value. It is expensive, however, so instead of staying there in October when our actual anniversary is, we go in the summer months when it is 50% cheaper. Saturday morning we woke up early (the result of having kids, we can't sleep in anymore) and went swimming, had breakfast on our balcony, and then headed out to see Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows: Part 2. It was really good and like a chump, I cried at the end. That afternoon was filled with naps, more movie and TV watching, and burger, fries, and pizza for dinner. We stayed another night and reluctantly checked out Sunday morning. It was SO wonderful to get away for a few days and reconnect with my husband. We have been doing this every year since we got married, and the more children we've had, the more we've needed the time away every year. I like the tradition, and Matthew has warmed up to the idea, too. He thought it was a waste of money in the beginning, but with the added stress of work, his business, church callings and our four energetic children, he looks forward to it now as much as I do. And, staying in hotels on the off season is a lot cheaper.

We snapped this picture right before we checked out--Matthew is getting the hang of the timer on his camera. I am already counting down the days until next year :)