Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sunday Best

I thought it would be a good idea to take pictures of the kids before church on Sunday while they were still looking their "best." I love this one of Emma!

I thought this one was cute, because they were looking at each other like they actually liked one another, which is rare these days :)
Emma wouldn't stand still long enough to get a really good shot of her, but this was cute, because she was running away from me and laughing, so I was able to get a good smile.
Aidan is much better about posing for pictures. He looks so sweet in this one... I can't believe that in a month he's going to turn three. Time really flies.


Robyn said...

Your kids are so cute! I can't believe you're due so soon! Yikes!

robert571 said...

That look says, can't wait for Mommy to have my little brother. It's payback time!! Hope Daddy keeps his sense of humor...Wow! Matt, it took me twenty minutes and 14 screen changes just to figure out how to write this. !??!
I do miss you guys and the pix of Aiden and Emma are awesome!!! Niki, Aiden looks like a very caring older brother and Emma, aside from being adorable, um, well, I see something in her eyes.........Love to all of you

Annie M. said...

So cute! I love Emma's little dress!! Are you getting excited for baby #3??

Niki Carpenter said...

I am not sure excited is the right word :) Nervous about labor, last time was especially rough, but I am ready to be done with this belly! Not much longer now...