Monday, December 28, 2009

Birthdays, Rashes, and Christmas

The beginning of the month started out with us celebrating both Aidan and Parker's birthdays. Aidan turned four and Parker turned one! We had a joint birthday party (where I didn't get any pictures of the kids opening their presents or blowing out the candles. I was too busy videoing.) Matthew however, did get some not so flattering ones of me, one of which I posted :) The only redeeming factor is my ADORABLE new little niece Jocelyn. Then, mid-way through December, amongst colds, ear infections, and coughs, we had a chicken pox scare. Emma turned up one night with spots covering her from head to toe. We assumed they were chicken pox because they looked just like them. However, when we took her to the doctor we found out that it was not in fact the chicken pox, but an allergic reaction to something she either touched, ate, or breathed in...very specific, I know. We still don't know what caused it, but after about a week the spots went away. And most recently, we celebrated Christmas with our families. Santa was good to us all this year, and we most certainly can't complain. Aside from the gifts we received, we were actually all healthy this year. Something I was very grateful for! We hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas and will have a safe, happy, and healthy new year!