Thursday, December 2, 2010

5 and 2

In the last few days BOTH of my sweet boys had birthdays! Aidan turned 5 (I can't believe I have a 5 year old...where has the time gone?) and Parker turned 2. We had a low key family party this past Sunday, on Aidan's actual birthday, with cake, presents, and visits from the grandparents. Here Parker is opening one of his presents. He got a musical book and puzzles this year.

Aidan got much needed winter jammies from both Grammy-Ann and Grammy Sally.

And from Mom and Dad, Aidan received a "pirate's bounty." For the last few months Aidan has been asking for a treasure box and pirate stuff. I looked on line, and everything that was pre-maid was over priced for the quality. So, Matthew and I decided to make something ourselves. And by ourselves, I mean I bought everything and Matthew did the making :) We purchased both the large and small boxes and decals at Micheal's and with my 50% off coupon it all came to under $10. I got GREAT deals on line after Halloween and was able to score the hat, sword, gold, hook, eye patch, telescope, compass, and bags for under $10 as well--added bonus, free shipping! We already had the stain and paint in our garage.

My super talented husband made the maps himself using scrapbook paper ($0.25 a piece.) I know I am biased because I love him, but I think they turned out AWESOME! Total price for Aidan's pirate present $19.78!

And, last but not least, Mom with the birthday boys. Aidan, is of course, making a classic Matthew Carpenter face for the camera. It's amazing the things that are genetic :)

Happy belated birthday boys, you've been the best blessings in my life!!!


McLeodian Mayhem! said...

Congrats on the beautiful boys and the wonderful present! That was some awesome shopping/crafting!

Aaron, Vicki Tunell said...

I think that map is awesome too, as are all of the presents. What great finds!!! You guys look great, I love the pictures.


Preston said...

haha Monica and I were laughing at all the creatively named regions on the map! But really I do like the presents a lot! Very jealous, great job!

Amanda said...

Do you remember where online you found the hat and hook and stuff? I have a looked at a million costume shops but am not really finding anything. And I do so want to copy you! Thanks!