Monday, November 22, 2010

Mommy's little girl

Check out those shoes!! I love them! They are red and shiny and very reminiscent of Dorothy from The Wizard Of OZ. This was one of my favorite dresses of Emma's and I love that I get to pass it on to Olivia.

Her eyes are closed, I know, but it's another great shot of her shoes :) AND, look at how cute her double chin is!

And, finally, a shot of Mommy and daughter where we are both smiling(and the only double chin is hers.) Isn't she gorgeous? I know I am biased because she's mine, but really people, that face--don't you just want to squeeze and kiss those cheekies?


Annie M. said...

YES!! She is gorgeous, and so are you! You look super skinny by the way. Beautiful girls!!!

Aaron, Vicki Tunell said...

She is so cute and you look beautiful!!! I love her shoes. Hopefully I'll get to snuggle on her again soon :) Love you


TrishAnderson said...

I love the red shoes. We had a dress almost exactly like that that my three older girls wore. I had passed it to my SIL and she passed it to a different SIL who has a daughter just a couple of months older than Arianna so we probably won't be seeing on my kids again. Sniff, Sniff. J/K. My sis and I pass back and forth now so I have a ton of new stuff I haven't used before.

Ok, so you look AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Your hard work is big time paying off. (I bet Matthew can't keep his hands off of you!)