Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tea Party

A few weekends ago, my sister-in-law Melanie had a "tea party" for the family. Everyone (except me, that is) dressed up silly and we ate sandwiches, fruit, crackers, and cheese, on a blanket, picnic style, and had kool-aid in tea cups. There is not much I can say about this picture of Matthew, except typical.
Here is Parker being adorable as usual!
Grammy-Ann, Addison, Charlotte, Cambria, and Aidan all eating their lunches on the blanket.
Aidan in his tea party outfit.
Emma LOVED that she got to play dress up with her Hello Kitty jewelry, sunglasses, and hair bow. She really is a girlie-girl at heart!

Thanks Melanie for a fun time, and CONGRATULATIONS!! She's having a boy!


Erin Leigh said...

i absolutely LOVE tea parties, parties - not partys? that just looks weird. anyway speaking of parties, why were you such a party POOPER?! not dressing up? that's the best part, and matthew looks terrif! :)

Niki Carpenter said...


Every party has a pooper that's why they invited me :) You know me, I always have to go against the grain. If everyone else is doing it, I won't. BUT, I did dress up my kids and participate, that's something right? :)

Aaron, Vicki Tunell said...

That picture of Matthew is hilarious, and the kids look so cute. Look at the grin on Aidan :)

TrishAnderson said...

Matthew is hilarious. Love it!

Brienne said...

It must be so fun to have all of your family around! What a fund idea.

Kori said...

I remember that blanket, I think we have the same white dresser, and I doubt I would have dressed up either. :)

celeste said...

you married a sexy man!