Monday, May 25, 2009

Sleepy boys

When I came into my room last night, after putting Aidan and Emma to bed, this is what I found.


celeste said...

Aww... how cute! Like father like son!

TrishAnderson said...

ohh, Matthew looks like he is about to fall off the bed! I love it when I find Josh sleeping with one of the kids, next to them, them on top of him, whatever. It just warms my heart.

Aaron, Vicki Tunell said...

How sweet is that. I love that Parker is asleep with his dad.


Kori said...

too cute! glad you captured the tender moment.

do you remember the crazy things i do in my sleep (walk, talk etc)? that is why there is no co-sleeping in bed with my kids... i'm a sleeping safety hazard! ;)