Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Outing To The Park

We braved the heat (it was 105 degrees) to take the kids to the park on Saturday. They love getting out of the house, since we stay in most of the time during the summer. I try and take them to the library, where it's air conditioned, for story time and to my in laws to swim as much as I can, but they still just love being outside. I have a hard time watching them both by myself at the park, so we had to wait until Saturday when Daddy was home. They had a blast, especially Aidan. He was able to get out lots of his pent up energy. He just loves to run and jump and climb and swing...typical boy that he is. Emma had fun too. We only stayed for a half an hour because we were all hot, sweaty, and tired from the sun.

Aidan and Emma on the swings...weeeeee!
Aidan is really good about smiling for the camera.
My two little cuties...
Emma about to go down the slide.
Can you say static electricity?
What a strong boy!

Today is my ultrasound. We had one at 8 weeks for viability, one at 13 weeks to do a screening for down syndrome (my test came back 1 in 10,000 and is considered a negative result) and today is my anatomy exam...and also to see if we can determine the sex of the baby. Any guesses?


Annie M. said...

Too cute. I can't get over Emma's little capris. Oh my gosh, so fricken adorable. Every time I see photos of Emma I just think of how much fun she and Taylor would have playing together since they are so close in age- only 4 days apart! :( Too bad we live so far away from each other.

Robyn said...

I'm thinking boy....can't wait to find out! It's funny that you guys stay inside during the summer, when the rest of the world finally gets to enjoy the outdoors! And yes, I remember watching the Thumb movies with you guys...I was a little confused as to why Matt and Joe thought it was so stinkin' funny. I still don't really get the humor, but I do love how hard they laugh, so that makes me laugh!

Kori said...

I can totally relate - it's too hot here in TX too. Congratulations again, can't wait to find out. You seem to be fertile mertyl Grenon... trust me, that's a compliment.