Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another month that got away from me!

I can' t believe that my baby girl is now a one year old! She turned one on June 27th (I turned 31 a week later, but I don't want to talk about that :) It was a very low key day. When Aidan turned one, because he was our first and the first grandchild, we had a big family party with a house full of people and lots of cake and ice cream. We also did that for his second birthday and I wanted something smaller and a little more intimate for Emma, and us. Matthew had that Friday off from work, so we took the kids to the library for story time and then went to Matthew's parents house to swim. After that we all went home for naps...that was so nice, and then just had dinner the four of us. I bought ice cream cupcakes at Costco, but as you'll see below they weren't a big hit with the birthday girl!

Emma opening her presents
Sitting in her new chair!
Ice Cream Cupcakes...they were yummy!
Emma cautiously taking a bite...
...and making her "this is really, really cold" face.

Since my birthday falls on the Fourth of July, we took advantage of my mother-in-law and had her babysit the kids while we went to a movie and lunch. We went to see Hancock, which is good if you don't mind a lot of swearing, and then had lunch at olive garden...I was really in the mood for bread sticks! After that we went back the the Carpenters for the rest of their Fourth of July party and topped off the day with fireworks, which we got to see perfectly from the corner of our street! We live across the street from Tucson's air force base, and they do a fireworks show every year, so we have the perfect location. Aidan loved them and has been asking every so often since, if we can watch fireworks again. He doesn't quite get that they are only once a year. It will be nice next year not to be pregnant, or just home from the hospital on my birthday!


Kori said...

Happy Birthday Niki and Emma! Please don't be mad... We arrived at 11pm, my parents came me and drove 2 1/2 hours the opposite direction from where you live. I was only there to help with family drama anyway. Next time I come, I'll try to be more mobile and come see you! Hope you are feeling well!

Annie M. said...

I love the crown and her new little chair! What a cutie patootie. I'm glad you had a good birthday! You will have to keep us updated on the sex of your baby!! I can't believe you're at the 1/2 way point already.... I'm a little bit envious! I want to have another one soon but Joel isn't quite on board yet!