Thursday, July 17, 2008

Backyard fun

Three days in a row of blog posts, this is a personal record for me! I almost wasn't going to post these pictures because of how embarrassed I am of our backyard. You see, here in Tucson if you want a "normal" backyard with grass and trees--you know the stuff that just naturally grows everywhere else, you have to PAY for it. That's right, I said PAY for grass and trees. It is one of the reason I always complain about living in the desert and my biggest pet peeves! I won't even tell you the ridiculous amount of money it is going to cost us to landscape our backyard...but we are planning on having it done by April of 2009, now that most of the inside renovations are completed. Until then, any backyard pictures will show off our lovely gravel and weeds.

Last night after a dinner of McDonald's (it was late when I got back from the doctors so I ran through the drive threw on my way home) I decided that it had cooled down enough for the kids to go outside while Matthew swept the patio and cleaned up after Sadie (our doggie). Aidan bugs me ALL day long to go outside and I usually have to say no until after 7:00 pm, which works because he goes out and gets filthy and comes in just in time for his bath and getting ready for bed. And last night was special because we let Emma go outside too. That is, she got to go outside with shoes on and walk and play around by herself. Up until now one of us would have to hold her because she couldn't walk well enough...she had so much fun and we had so much fun watching her!

Emma and our dog Saddie. Emma just loved that spoon and didn't put it down the whole time.
This is what Emma looks like when you say "smile." She scrunches up her face and squints.
A cute moment alone with no dog or brother bothering her.
Aidan loves his radio flyer wagon and took his sister for ride...notice she STILL has the spoon.
Aidan sitting on his "potty steps" drinking some water after being outside. He was very thirsty when he came in and he likes to go in his bathroom and "be alone." It's very cute.

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