Monday, February 18, 2008

Still sick...

I haven't blogged in a while because we have all been sick on and off for the last few weeks, and it's been just plain exhausting! Aidan had a horrible ear infection and was running a fever for a few days. He is back on antibiotics and doing better. Emma just got the flu we all had a few weeks ago, and is not a happy little camper. I can't shake this cold I've had for weeks, and Matthew, well, he's just plain tired from having to take care of all of us all the time.

Hopefully we will be feeling better tomorrow night, because Matthew and I have tickets to theater. It's an extension of Valentine's Day for us, so I hope we feel well enough to enjoy it. I will post all about the show later.

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RobynandJoe said...

It's not fun being sick! Parker has an ear infection now, too! Not fun! Hope you all feel better sooner than later.