Saturday, January 26, 2008

My little mischief maker

The old adage that you can't take your eyes off of your kids for a second is SO true! Last Sunday, we got home from church rather late, because Matthew had meetings, so everything else, i.e. dinner, bath time, and bed time were all pushed back a bit. I was scrambling around to get Emma fed and wasn't paying attention to Aidan, assuming he was somewhere in the house with Matthew. Well Matthew must have thought the same thing, because both of us came running when we heard a scream come from the kids bathroom. When we got there, Aidan was standing in the tub, still in his church clothes, with the shower on. He's apparently learned how to turn it on, but not how to change the water temperature because he was standing in a FREEZING cold shower. And as any good parents would, we grabbed the camera and made him stand in the water a bit longer til we could get these shots... The water was so heavy, it made his pants fall down. The things this kid does, at his age, just amaze me. It's such a funny kid, even when he doesn't mean to be and this is just a small example of the mischief he gets into on a daily basis. But, he's our Aidan and we wouldn't trade him for the anything. On a happier note, he and Emma took their first shared bath together the other night. We were a little worried about how it would go, since Aidan's favorite past time is pounding on his sister, but he actually surprised us and was nice and gentle with her. They played in the water together for about 20 minutes and had a ball! Aidan even helped wash Emma's back, it was so sweet. It's moments like these that I relish in the joy of being a parent.

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