Saturday, March 1, 2008

March 1st already.... Where does the time go?

It's been almost two weeks since my last posting. Hard to believe. We are all doing much better, no sickness at the moment. In my last posting I mentioned that Matthew and I had tickets to the theater, and with everyone being sick we weren't sure we'd make it...well, we did! We went to see The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, at the Tucson Music Hall. It's part of their Broadway in Tucson series. It was a wonderful show, we spent most of the time laughing hysterically, but as always there was unnecessary innuendo, that didn't enhance or add the overall experience. That aside, the show was great. The actors were phenomenal, the singing was outstanding, and the play itself was witty and well written. Before the show we ate at The Old Pueblo Grille, an american/southwestern restaurant that is supposed to be top rated, but I was rather disappointed by the experience and especially the food. Luckily we had a gift card that Matthew got from work for one of the many times he had to work extra on a project. Overall, though, it was a great evening out with my husband and we had a great time.

Yesterday, Matthew actually got his Friday off from work (Matthew works 9 hour days so that every other Friday he gets to take off. It's a sweet deal when it actually works out. Most of the time he has to work to get his projects finished on time.) We were watching out niece Cambria for the day, and then when Melanie came to pick her up after work, Matthew took her, and the kids to the zoo while I got a nap! Aidan LOVES the zoo, it is by far his favorite place to be. He is very into animals and always has such a good time when we take him. We bought a family pass to the Tucson Zoo, since we were going so much. As you can see by the picture, Aidan is always trying to get into where the animals actually are. He is so fearless, when-
ever he gets close to the animals he just wants to get closer. Like with this peacock that walked right in front of him.

Here are some random shots taken over the last two weeks:

Matthew loves to throw Emma up in the air, and judging by her face she loves it too!

Emma constantly
has her tongue out!

Emma's favorite thing to do is sit on daddy's shoulders and either beat him up, or pull his hair.

Aidan's cheesy face (above left), Pee-Pee on the potty (above right) and looking cool in his shades (bottom left)

One last update--Emma is starting to crawl now. She does her commando style crawling by using her arms and dragging her body where she wants to go. It is quite amusing!


RobynandJoe said...

Congrats on having a potty-trained child...I can't wait for that!!!! It's so fun to see pictures of you guys as parents...Joe laughs just thinking about Matt's laugh! Love the pictures...keep posting! Love ya!

jeff said...

That's the show I was in back in December! Did you read my super-long posts about it on my blog?