Thursday, August 9, 2012

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

My brother-in-law Benjamin and his wife Katie came home from Colorado last weekend for a visit. We went over to my in-laws for a BBQ, swimming, visiting, and unbeknown to me at the time, bow shooting.
The mighty hunter. The real reason I posted this picture is more for the background, than the foreground. Do you spy a little mischief going on behind the scenes? About two seconds after this was taken, Aidan was getting in trouble for playing with the grill. He thought because everyone was preoccupied, he'd go unnoticed. Busted.
Matthew took Aidan, Olivia, and Emma outside to watch while Parker stayed in the cool house with me. And since Matthew is always taking pictures, Katie and Preston got to babysit.
To keep the kids  safe and contained, they were put in the back of Grandpa's truck. Olivia found some dog toys to play with!
I love this picture because Olivia is actually letting someone other than Mom or Daddy hold her.
The target!
After we had some really yummy burgers, we went swimming.
Benjamin being a dutiful uncle!
Parker is not much for swimming, so after just a little while, he got out. His preferred form of enjoyment is relaxing with some graham crackers.
Since Benjamin was home, we celebrated his birthday (a week early) with some awesome Texas Sheet Cake. SO good!
Melanie and Scott and their family, as well as Celeste and Jon were there at different times, and it was really nice to get together and hang out. The next night we went back to Grammy Ann's for some homemade chocolate ice cream and to say our goodbyes. Happy Birthday Benjamin, we miss you and Katie already!


Celeste said...

Yeah two days was not long enough at all! But it was a great time. Grampa looks epic with that bow too, tell Matthew great pictures!

Amanda said...

Move over Katniss! Sorry we missed it, looks like it was fun.