Sunday, August 12, 2012

Do It Yourself

In the July issue of Better Homes and Gardens, I found this picture of a kitchen remodel. I purchased a night stand and a dresser at an estate sale, and planned on refinishing them, but was unsure what to do with the tops. Usually when you paint the top of a dresser or table, whatever you put on top tends to stick. At least in my experience. So, when I saw this I decided to paint the body of the night stand, the hardware, and leave the top the original wood.
I forgot to take a before picture of the nightstand, but it was entirely the color of the wood top, and the hardware was a brassy gold. We sanded, primed, and painted it a sage green using glossy spray paint, and also repainted the hardware. I really like how it turned out, and nothing sticks to the top : ) Next up, the dresser!
And FINALLY, the toy box Matthew started back in January is finished!! I had decided I wanted it painted blue even before it was finished (or I found out I was pregnant) and initially it was going to be in the boys room/playroom. But even though the play room is now in the girls room, I stuck with the blue, since the top half of the their walls are this color anyway. I think it turned out great and Matthew did a wonderful job!! 


McLeodian Mayhem! said...

Very pretty! I love the color of the nightstand!

Celeste said...

Wow that looks gorgeous! And the toy box is super cute!