Tuesday, October 4, 2011


In the beginning of October, we took the second of four children to the hospital for stitches. Apparently, Aidan and Emma were taking turns throwing a piece of brick/rock from the garden wall at each other. Aidan's aim was clearly better than hers. So much for thinking they can play outside unsupervised while I make dinner...

We had already been to the ER once before when Parker needed stitches at 16 months. What a difference 4 years makes! No one passed out this time, or had to leave the room because they were crying hysterically. Emma didn't need to be held down, in fact she was super brave. I just held her hand and talked to her while the nurse put the stitches in.

Daddy being a goof ball!

Entertaining ourselves with a little Finding Nemo. Can I just say that I LOVE that the children's emergency room at TMC has TV for the kids. It makes the wait go by SO much faster!

Emma was seriously such a trooper!!! She was scared of course, but so brave and only needed me to hold her hand--no crying or freaking out. I was so proud of her.

All sewn up!! And SO ready to leave. By this point she was really getting annoyed at Matthew's picture taking :) On the way home she got a happy meal for being so good at the ER. She even shared her fries with the rest of the kids when she got home. She's a special little girl, that's for sure!!!

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