Thursday, January 27, 2011

Who wants to be a ballerina?

NOT Emma!!

For months, all I have heard was "I want to go to dance school like Angelina Ballerina!" So, I signed Emma up with Julie Nichols, a woman from my old ward, who teaches out of her home. Emma was really excited. We bought her dance clothes and ballet shoes, and she pretended she was Angelina as she played around in them...and then the first day of class came...and, as you can see from the above pictures she wasn't so excited after all! I made her go, because well, 1. I am not raising my children to think that just because you don't want to do something, you don't have to, and 2. because I spent a lot of money on said class and clothes, and by golly, she was taking that class! The first class was rather horrible. While all the other little girls were twirling and trying, she was completely standing still with her hands clasped together, frowning. I didn't care. She was finishing the 8 week course no matter what, and if she stood still for 8 weeks and didn't move a muscle at the end performance, so be it! However, when we got in the car after the first class was over, Emma said to me and I quote "that was awesome, can I do it again?" Wait, what? Apparently, through all the sulky and standing still she managed to have fun. Go figure. The next week she did great, and we have class number three tomorrow.


Celeste said...

Kids are so hillarious! Let me know when her performance is I want to seee!!!

Preston said...

hahaha I know its mean but I find pictures like those of Emma hysterical!

Monica said...

awww even with a tear stained face Emma is STILL as cute as can be :o)