Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Outside Fun

Since the weather has remained unseasonably warm, we have remained outside much of the time. Aidan and Emma have really learned how to play well together and have even become friends lately. They make up games and play make believe a lot, especially when they are outside and have use of their jungle gym/club house.

Parker in his swing. His hair gets a little crazy when he's been swinging for a while :)

Aidan and Emma playing baseball together!

This is one of my favorite pictures. As long as we have lived in this house, four years now, I have hated our concrete wall. But recently, I thought since we had this blank canvas outside, why not use it. It's the biggest and best easel the kids could ask for, and clean up is a breeze--just hose it down. Although, the pictures are still on the wall. We just keep adding to them in any free space we have.

My little Park-in-ator! This is where you will most likely find Parker if we are outside. He doesn't like crawling on the grass, so I spread out the blanket and he enjoys crawling all around it, playing with toys, and watching his brother and sister run around.


Aaron, Vicki Tunell said...

Those are such sweet pictures. I'm so glad that the kids are playing so well together. By the way, Owen still tells everyone he is marrying Emma. At least he's loyal :) Hope you are well!


TrishAnderson said...

Love it. I love the stage when kids actually become friends. They look like they are having a marvelous time. Makes me want to get our backyard done more quickly. Unfortunately, that will wait a little longer.