Thursday, February 12, 2009

Movers and Shakers

On Tuesday nights from 6:30-7:15 pm Aidan has his "movers and shakers" gym class. Usually Matthew takes him, to have some one on one time with him (Emma's class is Monday nights), but after the AWFUL day I had this week, Matthew and I decided that we BOTH need to have one on one time with Aidan. So, we got my mother to babysit Emma and Parker, and off we went to class! It was really nice to be in the car just with Aidan, talking to him about his day and what he was looking forward to in class. Afterward, Matthew and I took Aidan to get ice cream and it was really nice to just be together the three of us. Aidan LOVED it. I could tell he felt special and singled out, and it was amazing what a few hours alone with Mom and Dad did for him. He talked about it all the next day and was actually better behaved. Matthew and I decided that as the kids get older we want to do Mommy/Daddy dates with them once a month. One day that is just theirs with us, doing something fun. I think it will help them, and me, a lot!

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Robyn said...

That's so fun! What a cool little gym class! Parker loves it when I take him to the store without Avery...I'm sure Aidan loved being an only child for a few hours.