Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July, the dreaded day I turn 35...

So, this is the day I have been dreading. I turned 35 today. I am proud to say that I only cried a little, and was a good sport when everyone sang Happy Birthday to me. We spent the afternoon at the in laws swimming, eating, playing games, and very much enjoying the rain. The best part of my birthday in fact!

I am definitely starting to chunk out...I was trying to use Samantha to shield my tummy, but it didn't work.

Everyone of my kids is in love with Samantha. Emma was very excited to get to play with her.

Fun in the mud!
Overall it was a good day. We went home and had dinner and cake and I got to go to bed early. We watched fireworks from our street and it was a low key evening just us. I got some really nice gifts from Matthew and my mom and the kids made me cards and sang to me at different times throughout the day. Matthew only made one crack about me being of advanced maternal age, so all in all I can't complain : )

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