Friday, April 13, 2012

Aidan's School Trip to the Zoo

Aidan's kindergarten class took a field trip to the zoo. It happened to fall on Matthew's Friday off, so he chaperoned.The kids were assigned buddies, and stayed with their parents if they were chaperoning. This is Aidan's friend Alex.

Chatting with the girls. Shocking.

Part of the school tour allowed the kids to see parts of the zoo not open to the public. Here are some stalls, I think where some of the animals sleep and get cleaned.

Aidan's favorite part of the day, lunch.

Waiting for the bus back to school.

Matthew of course took a million pictures of the animals, but I wanted to just post ones of Aidan. He had a really great time and loved that his Dad got to spend the day with him. I think we'll make it a tradition for Daddy to go on the kindergarten field trip!

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Amanda said...

The first thing out of my kids' mouths about their day is always what they ate. Food is seriously the highlight of their life. So funny!