Friday, January 20, 2012

Snuggle time

One of my favorite things about Olivia is that she is a snuggler. My other kids liked to snuggle, just not with me. Well, Parker did, but not the older two. They were in love with Daddy and tolerated me until he was around. Olivia, although definitely a Daddy's girl, loves to snuggle with Mommy at night time. I always let her stay up a little bit later than everyone else so I could be selfish and have this time alone with her. I am usually watching TV, getting ready for bed, and she climbs up, bottle in toe, and finds her spot and nestles up next to me. It's something I am really going to miss as she gets older and more independent : (

1 comment:

Monica Carpenter said...

So cute :o).

PS: I figured out why I love you so much, other than the fact that you're left handed and because you're Niki, it's because we both sleep on the same side of the bed.