Thursday, February 10, 2011


My brother and sister-in-law (Amanda and Keith) introduced Matthew and I to Home Depot's once a month children's activity. It's on the first Saturday of every month, and the kids get to do a FREE project right there at the store! They get a work apron, a pin, and certificate for each project they do. We have been going as often as Matthew's schedule has allowed (most of his Saturdays have been eaten up with Quorum responsibilities, but now that the President is home, he's off the hook! For the most part :) Anyway, a few Saturdays ago he took Aidan and Emma and they made heart shaped shelves.

For FHE this week, they got to paint their shelves!

Gee, I wonder where Aidan gets his face making ability from?

This is how Parker spent his FHE activity time, locked outside! Cruel, I know, but necessary. This kid has ZERO self control when paint is involved, and we had nothing for him to paint :( Luckily, he's like his dad and enjoys being by himself. Especially outside. He had a blast doing whatever he wanted and not being attacked or pushed out of the way by his older brother and sister. And, don't worry, our backyard is fenced in with a cement wall and our gate has a lock on it. We didn't just shove him outside without being safe!

Align CenterThe finished products in all their glory! Matthew did some touch ups, but they did most of the painting themselves.

Ta-da! Emma put stickers on the back of hers, and Matthew hung them up in their rooms the next day after they were dry!


Celeste said...

That is sooo fun!!! I can't wait to have little kiddies (not for a long while though, but still)

Kelly Ann said...

That looks like a lot of fun. I should have Noah start taking Sadie. I think she would love it.

Aaron Tunell said...

How cool is that!!! I didn't know Home Depot did that. Maybe you'll see us there one of these weeks :) Hope you are doing well!


Monica said...

haha I love the picture of Parker in the window