Thursday, April 1, 2010

Desert Fun

A few weeks ago, some of the Carpenters' got together for some desert fun. We rode horses, ate dutch oven meals and smores, (thank you Matthew for the unflattering pictures of me stuffing my face) played horse shoes, shot guns, and sat around the fire talking and being a family. It was a lot of fun and the kids had a blast playing in the dirt. There was at least a pound of sand in the tub that night. My favorite pictures of the day were of Parker pulling uncle Benjamin's hair and his subsequent expression. Thanks for being such a good sport Benjamin!!!

And please feel free to continue to leave name ideas--we have a boys name, we just need help with the girls names!


Erin Leigh said...

yeah, i'm laughing at the great pics taken of you eating! but you still look terrific when you're pregnant i'd say!

my secret name for our next girl, you can't tell ANYONE - is olive. i've always liked jane and lucy but those are starting to be so popular. what about evie? we also like that one. or alice, or annie.

i can't think of more right now but it seems like girl names are always easier for me to think of than boys. i'll keep thinking.

Aaron, Vicki Tunell said...

I love the cute pictures, and you look so good! Even eating :) Hope you are doing well. Aaron's out of town again this week, but maybe the week after we'll be able to all get together. Can't wait to hear the name picks!

celeste said...

HAHAHA those are aaawesome pictures of Benjamin!!!

TrishAnderson said...

I can't believe how much Parker looks like Matthew in some of the pictures. My friend in Gilbert just had a girl on Friday, they named her Wren. I thought it was pretty. I don't think the pictures are unflattering. Just a few weeks left for you!!!!!

Annie M. said...

You look so cute!