Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ballerina girl...and her brother

My mother took Emma for a "Grammy date" last week. Emma got to spend the afternoon AND night at Grammy Sally's house. One of the things they did, was to go to Target and look around/play with the toys. My mother saw this ballerina outfit and just coudn't resist. Emma loved it too, and still does. In fact she wants to wear it EVERYDAY. Here are a few pictures of my little ballerina girl!

We are still working on Emma's smiling technique, as you can see from this picture.
Here is a picture of the shoes that came with the outfit. Her little ballet slippers are her favorite. She loves to put them on and off, and twirl around!
Aidan had to get in on the picture action, too. I thought this was a good one of the two of them. They are getting closer and having more fun together the older they get. Something that I am very grateful for!
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Robyn said...

They are so cute! Emma looks like a fun, girly-girl. I love that! Love the Easter pics, too...Parker is getting so big!

TrishAnderson said...

That is so precious. I love grandmas. When does she turn three? You will ahve to enroll her in Julie Nichols dance class!

Aaron, Vicki Tunell said...

Look at that cute little girl! I bet she will be such a cute ballerina. I love that picture of Aidan too. Your kids are adorable.


ScottMelanie said...

Your daughter definitely has the right coloring for pink! She's a doll!