Saturday, January 24, 2009


Don't get me wrong, boys are great. I have two that I love very, very much. But there is just something so special about having a daughter. Maybe it's because I have two boys that I feel that way, I don't know. All I do know, is that this little girl has added so much to my life as a mother, and to our family as a whole. She has such a sweet disposition, most of the time :) She is naturally loving and affectionate, and is always hanging onto my legs and running up to me and giving me hugs and kisses. She loves to listen to music, and has the cutest little dance she does to her favorite songs. She is genuinely funny and almost always has a smile on her face. She is quick to forgive, especially her brother Aidan, who at the age of three, sometimes has a difficult time being loving to her. She follows him around and always wants to be where he is, even after a fight or the occasional wrestling match with him. She has an infectious laugh, which sometimes makes it hard to discipline her, but overall she has been an angel child, and we couldn't imagine our life with out her!

Also, as she has started to talk more, she has adopted an adorable language of her own, where most of the words that have a "K" in them, have been substituted with a "P." Here are some examples:

Milk= Milp
Parker= Parper
Book= Boop
Work =Worp
Park= Parp


Sara Adams said...

Aren't little girls just great!!! I love her little hair bow. For coupons, I get the sunday paper delievered, and they are always in there. You can find alot online, but you can only print 1 or 2 of them, and one 1 per a page, and so the cost of ink and paper, is greater than the savings.

Annie M. said...

I love having a girl too. It's the best. Taylor has the same piggy jammies!! I just laughed out loud at Emma's cute little smile. She's such a doll. How's life being a mom of 3? Busy, I'm sure. I have said this before, but I wish our girls could play together. They would have fun! :)

Niki Carpenter said...

I wish our girls could play together too...I need to take a trip to Colorado or you need to take a trip to Arizona. Or better yet, we need to be in Vermont at the same time. I love the piggy jammies--Costco is great. Having three kids is defiantly busy, but not as bad as I thought it would be, especially since I make Matthew help out sometimes with the night time feedings :)

TrishAnderson said...

How cute is she? She was so adorable at church today. I have three of them and they can be a handfull at times, but I sure love it when they are all girly. Maybe that will change when their hormones kick in!