Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Day They've Been Waiting For!

Aidan has been especially into Christmas this year. Or should I say, he's been really into Santa this year. He has accepted, without questions or inquires, that on a certain day in December, a large, jolly old fellow, all dressed in red, with a big white beard, is going to come to his house and bring him presents. For a kid that questions EVERYTHING, I was expecting to have to field questions like "who is Santa?" "why does he bring presents?" "Where's the north pole?" ect...but much to my surprise, there was nothing. Not one, single, solitary question about Santa at ALL. I guess he figures if some guy wants to bring him presents, and mom and dad are ok with it, than who is he to look a gift horse in the mouth, so to speak. It's amazing the blind faith that kids have. It's us grown ups that know that if something is too good to be true, than it probably is. But not my three year old! And because of that blanket acceptance of Santa and his enthusiasm for Christmas this year, I have had so much fun writing his letter to Santa with him, going to the mall to visit the big guy in person with him, decorating the tree with him, baking cookies and putting out carrots for the reindeer with him, and watching his face literally light up when he woke up this morning and saw what Santa had brought him. I love you Aidan, and I hope that for years to come you stay unaware and blissfully oblivious, so that every Christmas can be as wonderful as this one was!

On Christmas Eve, the kids place their stockings where they want Santa to leave their presents, and in the morning, this is what they wake up and find. Mom and Dad's presents are wrapped, under the tree.
Our Christmas tree (pretty self explanatory, I know!)

Aidan was very excited about his soccer ball, but was OVERJOYED that Santa actually brought him what he asked for: tracks for his trains. Even got some more magnetic trains AND a few motorized ones...he won't stop playing with them!

Emma, finally a smile with teeth, no eyes closed!!! She loved her Fisher Price piggy bank...she was even in her matching piggy pajamas!


Kori said...

Wow - talk about on top of it, you've already posted Christmas day! Seriously Niki, you're on fire. Here you are getting out, cooking, and by all accounts fully functional just weeks after giving birth to your 3rd child. I am duly amazed and impressed. I guess when you have other kids, life must go on and you don't have the "down" time you get with #1. You are a great mom and I love that you got a picture of Emma smiling (with her eyes open). I know some people were beginning to doubt if Dane had teeth. :)

Can I also tell you that I love that you comment on my blog. Sounds strange, but so many people come and go, it's nice to hear and see people's comments. It makes it feel like you people are engaged in your life and enjoying the daily process and events. Know what I mean? Anyway, thank you! I enjoy reading your blog - you are funny and thoughtful, and love your kids!
Merry Christmas!
Love, Kori

aaronandsharla said...

Landon has the same jammies and it looks like the same train too. Merry C-mas- glad you had a good one:)

Robyn said...

How fun! I love Santa! I get so irritated with people who think we're deceiving our kids by telling them he's real. Santa teaches good lessons...selfless giving, especially! Plus, it gives kids a chance to ask for whatever they want, without feeling guilty because their parents "can't afford it." I could go on and on! I'm impressed that you're so on top of things, too....I feel like I'm still recovering from baby #2 almost a year later! And here you are...just weeks later! Anyway, happy new year!!!!