Friday, June 6, 2008

Fun with Grandpa

Not a week has gone by that Matthew hasn't bugged me about going fishing with Aidan and his Dad. I usually whine and find some reason for him to stay home on Saturday mornings (like the half tiled floor in my kitchen, or the hundreds of other projects we have going on, not to mention that once and a while I need a break) but recently I consented and it turned out to be one of Aidan's favorite Daddy/son outings yet! They went up to Mt. Lemmon, right here in Tucson, and because the weather was a bit chilly they were the only ones there (something my father-in-law was thrilled about) and they had just re-stocked the lake with fish. They caught a ton, and Aidan was so excited that he got to help. Plus, he was so exhausted from the excursion that he came home and slept for almost four whole hours (that was my favorite part).

Aidan taking a snack break (Costco trail mix, my favorite!)
Watching Grandpa with the fish, I love that his hat is falling over his eyes, too cute!

It was Grandpa's idea to have him kiss the fish, and surprisingly, he did it. When he was about 18 months old, Aidan went fishing with Matthew and his brothers and father, and Aidan was scared to death of the fish. They would lay them on the dock after they caught them and let them flop around and Aidan kept saying over and over "all done, all done, all done" until someone picked up the fish. Apparently, he's gotten over that!

In other news, on Tuesday night Emma took her very first steps!!! And the best part that was Matthew was home to see it happen. He missed Aidan's first steps. She walked again briefly on Wed, but that was it, crawling is still her main mode of transportation. I can't believe that in three weeks she will be one! My little girl is growing up...


RobynandJoe said...

The best part of an exhausting day is always a nice, long nap!

Annie M. said...

So cute! I love the hat over the eyes too!!! Oh, by the way, my dad is an electrical engineer in VT. :) And Marisa is moving back in like 2 days, we don't know when we're moving back. I hope sooner than later but we shall see. Jobs are hard to find there. And I know- the Anderson's haven't aged one bit!! By the way- how are you feeling??

Kori said...

Aiden looks like he's having so much fun. What an awesome father & son outing. Love it!